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Page Title: Special Requirements
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8. Type of Storage. Controlled humidity warehouse
(c) Gross weight in excess of specified amount.
or heated warehouse.
(d) Box closure not as specified.
9. Other Instructions. a. Rejected Lots. Each re-
(e) Type, grade, class, and style at the ship-
jected lot shall be tagged and reclassified into the
ping container not as specified.
proper condition code in accordance with AR 725-50.
(f) Strapping omitted ( when required).
For other than new material, all defective units in a
(g) strapping inadequate or incorrectly ap-
lot shall be repaired, or disposition requested in ac-
plied (when required).
cordance with AMC and depot procedures.
(h) Items not adequately blocked, braced, or
b. Repackaing of Samples Inspected. Restore the
cushioned within the shipping container to prevent
packaging of the samples inspected and accepted to
movement or damage.
the level of the lot from which the samples were
(i) Shipping documents or packing list omitted.
(j) Stock number omitted, incorrect, or ille-
10. Special Requirements. If the subject items are
allocated for Foreign Military Sales, Grant Aid. or
(k) Nomenclature omitted, incorrect, or il-
Loan, the following additional requirements must be
(1) Marking of quanties of items in pack omit-
a. Policies and Special Conditions:
ted, incorrect, or illegible.
(m) Destination marking omitted, incorrect,
or illegible.
(n) Special marking or labeling(when required)
AR 795-17
General Policies and Principles for Furnish-
ing Army Material on a Grant Aid Basis.
omitted, incorrect, or illegible.
AR 795-204
General Policies and Principles for Furnish-
(o) Oversea code marking (when required)
ing Defense Articles and Services on a Sale
omitted, incorrect, or illegible.
or Loan Basis.
(6) Packing and marking, minor.
offer and Acceptance
DD Form 1513
(a) Unsealed carton.
(b) Defective taping or sealing of carton.
Special terms, conditions and agreements
(c) Any other box defect, which may be con-
with the customer country, and shown on
sidered minor by definition of MIL-STD-105D.
DD Form 1513, must be complied with as
(d) Any item of required marking information
well as any special instructions from the
other than in (5), (j), through (o) above listed under
responsible commodity command.
major defects omitted, incorrect, or illegible.
f. Calibration of Measuring and Test Equipment.
All measuring and test equipment shall have been
b. Basic Issue List Items (BILI). The BILI deck nor-
calibrated and certified within its prescribed period
mally furnished to the depots by USAECOM BILI
before use. Certification shall be affixed in such a
Office, Lexington Blue Grass Army Depot, Lexing-
way as to preclude any altering or tampering.
ton, Ky. Office symbol AMSEL-MA-AM-IL shall be
g. Storage Inspection Records. Results of in-
spections and tests shall be recorded on data sheets
c. Level A Packaging and Packing. Level A pack-
and a copy attached to each unit.
aging and packing is mandatory for Foreign Mil-
7. Inspection Frequency. a. Controlled humidity
itary Sales and Grant Aid shipments.
warehouse: 60 months.
d. Depot Documentation. Depot documentation
b. Heated warehouse: 36 months.
of final acceptance shall be furnished to the ECOM
c. Unheated warehouse: 18 months.
quality check team prior to ECOM inspection.

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