b. Test Equipment. The following test equipment is required to test the end item after the
(1) Signal Generator AN/USM-44A
(2) Electronic Voltmeter ME-30A/U
(3) Electronic Voltmeter AN/USM-98
(4) Test Facilities Kit MK-994/AR
(5) Headset-Microphone H-101A/U
(6) Digital Readout Electronic Counter AN/USM-207A
(7) 50-ohm adapter (p/o AN/URM-145)
(8) Wattmeter AN/URM-120
(9) Signal Generator AN/URM-127
(10) Multimeter ME-26B/U
(11) Transmitter/regulator radio set assembly A2
Special Tools, Jigs, and Fixtures. Special tools, jigs, and fixtures are not required for this
10. Modification Procedure.
Before starting, familiarize yourself with the entire procedure in this paragraph. To minimize
equipment off-line time, inventory the kit, identify parts, obtain required tools, and observe the loca-
tion of parts to be installed.
a. Procedure.
(1) Loosen two setscrews in each of the following control knobs. Remove knobs and seals
from their respective control shafts (see figure 1).
(a) The left MEGACYCLES control knob (item 1)
(b) The right MEGACYCLES control knob (item 2)
(c) The function selector control knob (item 3)
(d) AUDIO control knob (item 4)
(2) Remove four screws and lockwashers (H1, figure 1) from the indicating panel. Set
screws and lockwashers aside for reuse during reassembly of end item.

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