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Page Title: OPERATIONAL CHECK (cont)
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OPERATIONAL CHECK (cont) - TM-11-5820-890-20-2_272
TM-11-5820-890-20-2 Ground ICOM Radio Sets Manual
OPERATIONAL CHECK (cont) - TM-11-5820-890-20-2_274

TM  11-5820-890-20-2 5-7 5.2. OPERATIONAL CHECK. Continued STEP 3.    RT SELF TEST: STEPS TO PERFORM CHECKS TO MAKE ACTIONS TO TAKE 3.1 Set RT COMSEC to CT Set RT FCTN to TST RT passes self test? YES: Go to Step 3.3 NO: Disconnect cables/HS from RT;   rerun self test, go to Step 3.2 3.2 Connect CX 13314 to RT AUD/ DATA J4. Connect HS to RT AUD/ FILL J3 RT then passes self test? YES:    Reconnect cables/HS; go to Step 3.3 NO: Replace RT Audio heard at HS or LS 671? YES:    Go to Step 3.3 NO: Go to TS Chart 6 3.3 Set FCTN to LD Set CHAN to MAN Set DATA to OFF RT display reads 30000? YES:    Continue NO: Replace RT COMSEC alarm heard at HS/loudspeaker? YES: Go to Step 3.4 NO: Replace RT 3.4 Press PTT twice COMSEC alarm clears? STEADY TONE MUST BE HEARD ** YES:    Go to STEP 4 NO: If no external devices, replace RT NO: If using external devices, go to TS Chart 7 STEP 4.    LOAD CHECKS: STEPS TO PERFORM CHECKS TO MAKE ACTIONS TO TAKE 4.1 Load RT with SC frequencies: Chan 1: 41000 Chan 2: 54000 Chan 3: 75000 SC frequencies load properly? YES:    Go to Step 4.2 NO: Replace RT 4.2 Set RT MODE to FH Load COMSEC and FH data in RT* RT accepts fill? YES:    Go to Step 4.3 NO: Go to TS Chart 8 4.3 Load test sync time (82/09:36) Test sync time loads properly? YES:    Go to Step 4.4 NO: Replace RT. 4.4 Set RT to STBY RT shuts down properly? YES:    Go to Step 4.5 NO: Replace RT 4.5 Set CB1 to OFF Wait 1 min. Set CB1 to ON Set FCTN to SQ ON N/A N/A RT retains COMSEC, FH, and SC data in both FH and SC modes? N/A N/A YES:    Go to STEP 5 NO: Replace RT *  NOTE:  If using an Automated Net Control Device (ANCD), follow ICOM Fill procedure to load COMSEC keys and FH data in all 6 channels. Otherwise, load COMSEC keys and FH data in Channels 1, 2, and 3. ** If RT-1523C is present go to step 4.  RT does not transmit a beeping tone and will have a steady tone at power up.

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