Quantcast Synchronization of 10.0-mc auto-matic positioner at 220.0.


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Page Title: Synchronization of 10.0-mc auto-matic positioner at 220.0.
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Adjustment and Synchronization of Frequency Selector.
TM-11-5820-222-35 Radio Sets AN/VRC-24 and AN/TRC-68 Manual

the white, black, and orange wire.
(d) L o o s e n clamp 01237 (3) (fig.
The switches are on the same
shaft and can be positioned si-
(e) Center the notch of the rotor of
multaneously. Make sure that the
switch S1203 (fig. 101) over the
relative positions of the switch
clip connected to the black wire.
rotors are not positioned 180
(f) Tighten the clamp 01237 (3)
(d) R o t a t e t h e m e m o r y d r u m
(4) Synchronization of 10.0-mc auto-
01299.29 so that the pins in the
matic positioner at 220.0.
preset channel-5 slots are cen-
(a) Remove retaining ring H1220
tered over the curved portion of
the actuating fingers of switches
(b) Unmesh gear 01299.23 from gear
S1210A, S1210B, S1210C, and
(c) Position the rotor of switch S1201
(e) Carefully
(fig. 102) so that the detent is in
gears (fig. 101) and hub 01299.33
contact  with  the  contact  con-
and clamp 01239 on gear 01271
nected to the rod wires at the bot-
tom of the switch.
(f) Loosen the two screws that hold
(d) Remesh  gears  01299.23  and
each of the four dial assemblies
11201, 11202, 11203, and 11204 in
(e) Replace the retaining ring H1220
place on the front plate (fig. 101).
(5) Synchronization of blanking and
(g) Set dial assembly 11204 to 5 and
tighten the mounting screws.
phasing switch S1202.
(h) Set dial assembly 11201 to 22 and
(a) Remove cable guide H1213 to
tighten the mounting screws.
reach and loosen clamp 01237
(i) Set dial assembly 11202 to 0 and
tighten the mounting screws.
(b) Position the rotor of switch S1202
( f i g . 101) so that any further
(j) Set dial assembly 11203 to .0 and
tighten the mounting screws.
counterclockwise rotation of the
rotor will cause contact with the
(7) Coupler adjustment.
clip connected to the black wire.
(a) Set the frequency selector sub-
(c) Check to be sure that backlash or
unit to 399.9 mc.
looseness of the rotor within the
stator does not cause contact with
Note. Unless a frequency selector fi-
the clip connected to the black
nal inspection test fixture is available,
the frequency selector and front panel
must be replaced on the rt unit main
(d) Tighten clamp 01237 and re-
frame (para 117b and 118b) to channel
place cable guide H1213 (fig.
t h e frequency selector to 399.9 mc.
(6) Synchronization of preset channel
(b) Remove the frequency selector
from the rt unit main frame and
automatic positioner.
(a) Loosen the hub 01299.33 (fig.
loosen clamps 01237 (4) through
102) and unmesh the miter gears
01237 (8) (fig. 100).
t h a t drive the memory drum
(c) Position couplers 01291 through
01299.29 (fig. 101).
01295 as shown in figure 100. A
(b) Loosen the clamp 01239 on the
guide post is located on the rear
hub of gear 01271 (fig. 102).
plate adjacent to each coupler.
(c) B e s u r e t h a t t h e r o t o r s o f
Use the posts to align each cou-
switches S1205 and S1206 (fig.
pler properly by placing a
102) are positioned so that the
straightedge tangent to the guide
smallest detent is in contact with
post and parallel to the bar on
clip No. 2, which is connected to
each coupler.

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