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Page Title: Figure 95. Rf and power amplifier subunit, front view
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Removal of Power Amplifier Rotor Assembly
TM-11-5820-222-35 Radio Sets AN/VRC-24 and AN/TRC-68 Manual
RT-323/VRC-24(*) or RT-441/TRC-68(*) Transmit

d r i v e r rotor shaft (3, fig. 7 4 ) .
Tighten the setscrew.
(7) Center the capacitor rotors axially
on the rf tuning, the driver, and the
power amplifier rotor assemblies
so  that  the  rotor  plates  are
centered between the stator plates.
(8) Rotate the rotors of the tuning ca-
pacitors to the right until the trail-
ing edges of the rotors of Z101,
Z103, Z105, Z106, Z107, and Z108
(fig. 74) are lined up with the stator
p l a t e s of each tuning capacitor.
(9) Tighten the setscrews (4 and 6,
fig. 70).
h. Replacement of Tube Chassis.
(1) Align points 2, 3, 4, and 5 (fig. 73)
a n d replace the four retaining
screws that fasten the tube chassis
to the power amplifier.
(2) Tighten the setscrew (5, fig. 70).
(3) Solder capacitor C145 (fig. 73) to
the plate clip of V105 (fig. 70).
(4) Solder coil L114 to the terminal
lug (1, fig. 73) .
(5) Replace the ground terminal to 2
(fig. 69).
(6) Solder the green, brown, orange,
and red leads to the points 1 (fig.
Figure 95. Rf and power amplifier subunit,
(7) Solder the purple lead to 7 (fig. 70).
front view.
(8) Solder capacitor C106 (fig. 71) to
the Z101 (fig. 74) terminal.
power amplifier rotor shaft from
(9) Align relay K101 with the holes in
the rear of the chassis.
the relay mounting plate, insert the
Replace the bearing housing (2,
relay push rod, and replace the two
fig. 70) and align the two pins with
retaining screws (3, fig. 69).
the holes in the bearing retainer.
(10) Connect the wire and ribbon leads
Replace the three screws (1, fig.
of capacitors C105 and C110 (fig.
70) that fasten the bearing retainer
71) to the Z101 terminal (fig. 74).
to the housing.
Align the screw holes in the tube
Caution: Do not place any strain
chassis with the standoffs on the
on the ribbon lead of the ceramic
power amplifier chassis, and re-
capacitor, or the capacitor will be
p l a c e the four retaining screws
that fasten the two chassis together
(11) Repeat the operations outlined in
(2, 3, 4, and 5, fig. 73).
P u s h the driver rotor shaft up
( 1 0 ) above to solder capacitors
against the rf tuning rotor shaft.
C114 and C117 (fig. 71) to the Z103
Align the flats of both shafts and
terminal through the space marked
tighten the setscrew (5 and 6, fig.
70) that engages each shaft.
(12) Repeat the operations outlined in
Align the flat of the power amplifier
(10) and (11) above to s older ca-
rotor shaft with the setscrew on the
pacitors C121 and C123 (fig. 71)

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