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Figure 29. Power Supply PP-1494/U, schematic diagram
TM-11-5820-222-35 Radio Sets AN/VRC-24 and AN/TRC-68 Manual
Figure 30. Radio Set Control C-1439/U, schematic diagram

terminals A and L of AUDIO jacks
The low-voltage commutator drives two
high-voltage commutators which provide
J1502 and J1503 to input terminal
T of J1501. Because this terminal
operating voltages to the rt unit. The out-
is connected only to terminal L of
put of the +300-volt commutator is applied
AUXILIARY jack J1403 (fig. 34),
to terminal F of plug P1001. The electrical
no audio is available. However, this
noise from the 300 -volt commutator is fil-
switch position permits push-to-
tered by capacitor C1003 and filter
talk transmission on Receiver-
Transmitter RT-323/VRC-24 or
b. The output of the 170-volt commutator
is applied to terminals M and K of plug
(2) On the INT position, radio inter-
P1001. The load across terminals M and
phone switch S1504 prevents trans-
K functions as a voltage divider to ground.
mission or reception at control
The voltage from terminal K to ground is
C-1439/U. All audio circuits are
+140 volts dc and the voltage from terminal
connected through terminals R,
M to ground is -30 volts dc. The electrical
S, and T on jack J1501 to AUXIL-
noise from the 170 -volt commutator is
IARY jack J1403, terminals B, K
filtered by capacitor C1002 and filters
and L, (fig. 34) or terminals
FL1001 and FL1002. The voltage on ter-
TB1701-16 and -17 and terminal
minal K is filtered in the relay subunit
TB1702-20 (fig. 46).
(fig. 23). Under operating conditions, the
(3) On the RAD position, radio inter-
output voltage at terminal K drops to +125
phone switch S1504 functions as
volts dc.
c. Dynamotor DY-151/U also includes
described in c (3) above.
transmitter modulator blower B1003,
dynamotor and radio set blower B10002,
89. Centrifugal Fan HD-390/U
and transmitter power amplifier blower
B1001. These blowers supply forced air
Centrifugal Fan HD-390/U (part of the
cooling to the rt unit. Terminals A, B,
AN/TRC-68) consists of three blowers that
and D of plug P1001 are grounded and are
provide forced air cooling for the mod-
in the holding ground circuit to power re-
ulator and transmitter power amplifier
lay K3 (fig. 24). The rt unit will not remain
stages and circulate cooling air through the
on when POWER control switch S701 is
rt unit chassis. The blowers are driven by
released, unless dynamotor plug P1001
a single-phase ac induction motor, B1051,
is properly connected to jack J10.
which operates on 115 volts ac, 50/65 cps.
Capacitor C1051 provides starting torque
91. Case Blowers
for the motor. Input power is supplied
a. Receiver-Transmitter Case CY-2557
through terminals C and E of plug P1051.
VRC-24 and Blower B1401 (fig. 33). This
Plug terminals A and D are jumpered to
case contains a blower that circulates
provide a ground circuit to power supply
cooling air through the ducts between the
relay K1801 (fig. 25). Thus, the rt unit will
inner and outer walls of the case. The
not remain on when POWER control switch
blower is driven by series-wound dc motor
S701 is released, unless plug P1051 is
B1401, which operates from the storage
properly connected to jack J10 of the RT-
battery source, 26.4 volts dc. Input power
is supplied through terminals A and B of
plug P1401, which mate with jack terminals
90. Dynamotor DY-151/U
A and B of jack J1702 on Mounting MT-
1436/U. Filter FL1401 isolates electrical
a. Dynamotor DY-151/U provides dc
noise from blower motor B1401 from the
main dc input supply.
plate, screen grid, and bias voltages for
Receiver-Transmitter RT-323/VRC-24.
b. Receiver-Transmitter
The low-voltages commutator is driven
2712/TRC-68 and Blower (fig. 34). This
case contains a blower that circulates
from a 26.4-volt storage battery source.

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