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Page Title: Automatic Positioner Functions
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Figure 27. Channel selector circuits, schematic diagram
TM-11-5820-222-35 Radio Sets AN/VRC-24 and AN/TRC-68 Manual
Figure 28. Manual frequency selector circuits, schematic diagram.

cuit. As the rear wafer of S1203
rotates from 0 to 9, the front wafer
TENS control is turned from 22 to 23, the
detent supplies a momentary
following sequence occurs:
ground to relay K1201 through con-
(1) The ground circuit to the 10.0-
tact B of S1203, which causes the
mc automatic positioner relay
10.0-mc automatic positioner to
K1201 is completed through con-
tacts A and 22 of the 10.0-mc seek-
(3) TENTHS switch S708 controls the
ing switch contacts S1201, contacts
9 and 10 of CHAN SEL selector
.l-mc automatic positioner in the
switch contacts S705A, contacts
same manner as the UNITS switch
22, 32, and F of TENS switch S706,
controls the 1.0-mc automatic
and contacts 20 and 21 of CHAN
positioner. Relay K1203 is kept
SEL selector switch S705A. All
energized by the ground circuit
other contacts of S1201, except
through contacts A and .6 of switch
contacts 23 and 33, are also
S1204 and contacts .6 and 12 of S708
grounded through similar circuits
until the .1-mc seeking switch de-
not shown on the simplified
tent reached the .6 position.
(2) Relay K1201 energizes and causes
86. Automatic Positioner Functions
the 10.0-mc automatic positioner
a. The 18-position, 10.0-mc automatic
to operate as described in para-
positioner controls the rotation of the
graph 83 b. Switch S1201, ganged to
tuning shaft within the uhf injection sys-
the 10.0-mc automatic positioner,
tem subunit. When the tuning shaft turns,
rotates counterclockwise until the
it changes the positions of the crystal and
rotor contact reaches contact 23.
coil switches, S201 and S202 (fig. 6), the
Although contact 33 (180 from
variable capacitors and the tuning coils t
contact 23) is also ungrounded,
tune the radio set to the selected frequency.
relay K1201 is kept energized dur-
The 10.0-mc automatic positioner tunes the
ing that phase of the cycle by the
uhf injection system from 200 to 370 mc in
ground circuit through phasing and
10.0-mc steps.
blanking switch contacts 7 and 17 of
b. The 10-position, 1.0-mc automatic
of S1202 and contacts C and F of the
positioner controls the rotation of one of
TENS switch. Similarly, if the
the tuning shafts within the first if. ampli-
TENS control S706 were set to 33,
fier subunit. This tuning shaft is coupled to
the 10.0-mc seeking-switch detent
second oscillator crystal switches S301
would not stop at position 23. Dur-
and S302 and tuning coil L310 (fig. 9). When
ing that phase of the 10.0-mc seek-
it turns, the tuning shaft changes the posi-
ing-switch cycle, the ground cir-
tions of the crystal switches and the tuning
cuit to relay K1201 would be
coil to tune the output of the second oscil-
completed through contacts 2 and
lator from 17.0 to 26.0 mc in 1.0-mc steps.
17 of S1202 and contacts G and F
c. The 10-position, 0.1-mc automatic
of S706 front.
positioner controls the rotation of the
C. When UNITS switch S707 is turned to
tuning shaft within the second if. subunit.
8, the sequence described in (1) and (2)
This tuning shaft is coupled to third oscil-
below occurs :
lator crystal selector switches S401 and
(1) The ground circuit to the 1.0-mc
S402 (fig. 10), and the tuning coils within
automatic positioner relay K1202
bandpass filters Z401, Z402, and Z403
is completed through contacts A
(fig. 10). When the shaft turns, the output
and 8 of S1203 and 8 and 12 of S707.
of the third oscillator, V401B, and the
(2) Switch S1203 is ganged to the 1.0-
bandpass filters Z401, Z402, and Z403 is
mc automatic positioner and ro-
changed from 3.0 to 3.9 mc in 0.1-m
tates until the detent reached
position 8 and opens the ground cir-

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